This course teaches you more than how to make cakes and pastries

We invite you to think about how they are created and why we like them so much

It's true: we believe that Utopia is a place where there are many desserts, each one crafted with passion by someone who desires to make every bite count. And that's why we've created this course for you. Like any delicious treat, our pastry course is designed to be taken in bite-sized portions. It's a journey into the heart of pastry, a comprehensive overview of all things sweet. We will look at the role of sweetness in our lives as well as its historical context. We will also contemplate some of our favorite desserts—what makes them unique? What makes them delicious? And how do they fit into our everyday lives? Get ready for the sweetest gateway into a new way of thinking about pastry as culture. We want you to use this course to explore new ways to look at your favorite foods and learn new skills along the way! Join us as we analyze the world of pastry through its many different forms together!


  • 10 video lessons

  • Italian audio

  • English subtitles

  • ~60 minutes of video lessons

  • Online and at your own pace

  • Lifetime access


  • 1

    10 Pastry Sprinkles: The Fundamentals and the Superfluous

    • UNISG+ by the University of Gastronomic Sciences

    • Introduction

    • 01 Marshmallow or the Pleasure of Sweetness

    • 02 Mylloì or the Sweet of the Party

    • Quiz #1

    • 03 Minne di Virgini or Conventual Pastry

    • 04 Sugar Sculpture or the Noble Banquet

    • Quiz #2

    • 05 Saint-honorè Cake or the Codification of National Cuisines.

    • 06 "La Torta della Nonna" or the Homemade Recipe.

    • Quiz #3

    • 07 Chiffon Cake or Industrial Pastry

    • 08 The "Naked Cake" or the Wedding rite of Passage

    • Quiz #4

    • 09 La Torta Setteveli or the Layers of Knowledge.

    • 10 Wagashi or the Non-Sweet, Dessert.

    • Quiz #5

Course Coordinator

Maddalena Borsato

Maddalena Borsato is a researcher in Food Philosophy. She got her Ph.D in Eco-gastronomy with professor Nicola Perullo at the University of Gastronomic Sciences and she is currently a Postdoc Researcher at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (JP). Her main area of research is Gustatory and Food Aesthetics, with a focus on its perceptual and social implications, on eating disorders and on the art of pastry. Among her publications, she wrote on the topic of pastry: "Baking as a Means of Non-verbal Expression: An Aesthetic Inquiry on Conventual Pastry" (2021) for the journal Contemporary Aesthetics. Since 2014, she has been a little messy pastry chef, running a project on philosophical pastry called "Aristortele. How to philosophize with a spoon".

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