About UNISG+

Accessible to anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of food, our brand-new UNISG+ platform full of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is a perfect way to answer the questions that live rent-free in your brain: What historical events are connected to that famous spaghetti scene from ‘The Lady and the Tramp’? How many steps does a coffee bean go through before ending up in your morning cup? Who was the first to coin the term Italian cuisine? With a variety of courses still to come, we hope to be able to introduce you to the world of food one topic at a time - easily accessible, exclusively online and always the gastronome way! Just think of UNISG+ as the younger brother to our full-length bachelor and master programs at the University of Gastronomic Sciences.
  • Why we created online courses?

    Our location in the Langhe region is deeply ingrained in the University’s DNA but, over the years, we have received countless requests from people all around the world wanting to learn more about food without necessarily moving their lives to Italy: UNISG+ is our answer! Full of exciting online courses made by our community of gastronomes and supported by our professors, it is the ideal way to get a first taste of that special UNISG feeling, wherever you may be around the globe.

  • Approach to our online courses

    Rather than just our in-house professors, it is a board of our international alumni with their diverse sets of backgrounds and expertise that will create and plan the majority of our UNISG+ courses - with active support from our teachers, of course. Joined by fellow specialists for specific video lessons, they will give a unique gastronome twist to the trends of the food world, making each course a fascinating, well-rounded experience that looks at all the nooks and crannies of the topic at hand.

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We have good news! There is a whole world of interesting bachelor’s, master’s and PhD courses to take on-site in Pollenzo! Come find us in Italy!

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