Do you know what the most distinct feature of Italian cuisine is?

Caution: May cause hunger.

It's not pasta, pizza, or even gelato. It's the culture that surrounds these products. Italy has a rich and varied tradition influenced by many cultures over the years, but there's more to it. The country is known for having incredible natural diversity, which means plenty of ingredients are available to experiment with. In Italy, food isn't just something to be consumed—it's part of a rich tradition that goes back centuries. The products and recipes we've collected here are a small sampling of what Italian cuisine has to offer, and they're perfect for introducing you to a world of flavors and textures.


  • Online and at your own pace

  • ~1.5 hours of video lessons

  • Italian with English subtitles

  • 7 more languages available (links below)

  • Including 18 video recipes

  • Lifetime access

Celebrating Italy Together

This online course has been created in collaboration with MAECI - Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) - to celebrate the Italian Cuisine Week in the World 2022.


  • 1

    A Bite Of Italy: Regional Italian Cuisine Crash Course

    • UNISG+ by the University of Gastronomic Sciences

    • Abruzzo • Honey • "Abruzzese Coperchiole" with Honey and Walnuts

    • Basilicata • Matera Bread

    • Calabria • Cacciocavallo Cheese - "Parmigiana di Melanzane"

    • Campania • San Marzano Tomato - Pizza Magherita

    • Emilia-Romagna • Mortadella • Bolognese "Tortellini in Brodo"

    • Friuli Venezia Giulia • Radicchio - "Lidrìc Cu Lis Fricis" Salad

    • Lazio • Clams • Spaghetti

    • Liguria • Vessalico Garlic • Pesto

    • Lombardia • Stracchino Cheese - Polenta

    • Marche • Cicerchia Pea - Soup

    • Molise • Zitella Apple - Apple Cake

    • Piemonte • Hen • Hen's Salad

    • Puglia • Orange - Beer

    • Sardegna • Saffron - Fregula with Saffron

    • Sicily • Almond • Granita

    • Tuscany • Beans - "La Ribollita"

    • Trentino-Alto Adige • Malga Cheese - Potato Ravioli

    • Umbria • Celery • "Pinzimonio"

    • Valle D'Aosta • Fontina Cheese - Fonduta

    • Veneto • Vialone Nano Rice Risotto • "Risi e Bisi" Risotto

    • Final Survey

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Course Coordinator

Eugenio Signoroni

Born in Brescia in 1983, dreaming of becoming a cook, he attended Vittorio Fusari's kitchens in Iseo. In 2004 he anchored in Piedmont to study gastronomy and chose never to leave again. He curates the guidebooks Osterie d'Italia and Birre d'Italia of Slow Food Editore, he is the author of Il piacere della Birra, Cuocere and of the podcasts Lievito Madre and Beer Revolution . He writes for Cook_inc and Domani and collaborates with Roads and Kingdoms.

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